Paul Royter began his career as a magician.  
His magic is nothing short of amazing.


Paul Royter is not only one of the world's finest hypnotists, but he is also a very talented magician.  In the 80's he became a member of Hollywood's famed magic castle.  During that time he became good friends with many of the world's greatest magicians.  For many years he toured extensively with his own popular magic and illusion show through out his native Canada, the USA and Australia.
When attendances are extremely low for the hypnosis show, it sometimes means that there are likely to be only a very few volunteers.  On the rare occasions that this might occur, Paul can perform his complete hilariously amazing magic show at a moments notice.  He can also perform customized close up magic for your clients.
Pictured below are some photographs of Paul performing close up magic at a convention in Phuket Thailand for  the Compaq computer company.

Be sure to watch Paul perform  a portion of his prestigious card manipulation act.